Our Vision

The real estate ecosystem

On the small scale, an ecosystem for the user

Digitization is often associated with processes and systems – for us, people are the focus of our developments. We want to make living and working in real estate an experience. A smooth flow of information and data between user and administrator, a comprehensive range of services for satisfaction and quality of life, digital connection for community and a sense of belonging in the neighborhood, and a future-oriented approach to topics such as smart home and e-mobility will create precisely this experience for the end user. And all this in one software.

On a large scale, an ecosystem for the entire industry

To guarantee the best solution for the end user, we think beyond our own core business. We see ourselves as a building block of an overall structure that includes all players in the real estate industry – once thought from the user’s point of view: from tenant selection to the lease agreement to moving in, the integration of the owners‘ master data systems (ERP systems or CRM systems), the neighborhood app with a focus on people and communication, information and services – and finally functions on and in the building such as mobility, energy, logistics and many more. On the other hand, the app is also conceived from a real estate perspective – from planning, construction, sales and management – from the asset manager, facility manager and property manager to the service provider on site and the end user – the customer. It is a complex process, but we take our chances – because we try everything out ourselves and know that it makes sense.

We want to create an environment in which the various solutions on the market communicate with each other via interfaces in such a way that not only integrated processes and seamless communication are made possible but also new business areas are opened up. For this reason, cooperations and partnerships are an elementary part of our strategy and indispensable for the success of a tenant experience platform. This also means that ANIMUS is very open – we fit into an ecosystem – because only the interaction of many can lead to success. An ecosystem or a platform is successful when everyone works in their niches and boldly connects – without discussing who is at the center. This is difficult to grasp and understand, but it is the solution for innovative real estate and owners of properties.

The result is a quarter of tomorrow

A connected neighborhood, satisfied residents, a flourishing marketplace of products and services – that is where we see the future. This is what we are working on, every day, and we are getting closer to our vision step by step.

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