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With the ANIMUS software we already serve project developers, housing associations, property management companies, commercial customers and asset managers. Due to our white label approach, the software can be flexibly adapted to the most diverse target groups. ANIMUS originally comes from project development, we understand the real estate market and know what is in demand and where opportunities lie. Together with you we develop an optimal and customized solution for your project!

Solutions for

Project developers

Digital innovation and value growth

Stand out from the market and increase the value of your project. Digitalization is a buzzword on everyone’s lips, but it has not yet become the standard in the real estate industry. But this is exactly where the future lies. No matter whether it is a purely residential, commercial or mixed-use quarter, we support you in standing out through digital strategies, optimized processes and innovative solutions.

Already in the sales phase you can suggest tomorrow’s living and working to investors and future owners with a sales version of the ANIMUS software. In addition, our software can be used to develop interesting new business models. By integrating service offers via partners, we create an ecosystem around the real estate and help you to increase the value of your project.

The future of sustainability

The megatrend of sustainability can also be driven by digitization. Make the sustainable elements of your project tangible and accessible to the end user. In this way, the sustainable performance of the building can be analyzed and optimized, the building is linked to the end users and sustainable action is established in the long term.

ANIMUS as the partner at your side

We are happy to support you with advice in the pre-project phase, because for a sustainable successful implementation of a digital and innovative neighborhood app, all relevant interfaces, partners and service providers must be coordinated, orchestrated and finally synchronized. Let us bring together hardware, software, operator models, interfaces, administration, marketing and much more in a symbiosis and make it accessible via the ANIMUS software.

Solutions for

Housing Industry

The future of the housing industry

The positive impact of digital innovations has developed into a social aspect that has arrived in all areas of everyday life. New digital strategies, processes and solutions are the actual drivers of the digital transformation in the housing industry. The use of modern software and hardware creates new communication possibilities, which not only provide more structure and interaction internally, but above all simplify the dialogue between you and your tenants.

ANIMUS as the partner at your side

With ANIMUS your daily processes can be mapped digitally, transparently and comfortably. Instead of spending time on small and time-consuming administrative tasks, your employees can act more efficiently and customer-friendly and optimize processes. All housing-related documents and other information can be digitally retrieved at any time. The transparent processing of damage reports saves you and your tenants time and nerves. Through our interfaces to common ERP systems, our software easily connects to your system. Through our correspondence to the common ERP systems, our software easily connects to your existing system.

State-of-the-art tenant relationship management

In order to improve the relationship between you and your tenants, as well as to increase tenant satisfaction and tenant loyalty in the long term, it is essential to offer them a variety of added values. Put your customers first and establish a central communication tool with ANIMUS that digitally represents all processes around the apartment.

Solutions for

Commercial Properties

Working environment 4.0

Project development in the commercial sector is a special challenge. The changes in society in the global and digital age have a major impact on the way we will work in the future. We are developing into a knowledge society and the new work structures require a high degree of flexibility in terms of time, space and organization. For the implementation and usability of these work structures, digital means are required. Together with our partners, we support you in connecting your smart building components in the building with the end user. Our experience also shows that a unique work experience can be created, especially when combining online and offline. In concrete terms, this means that the employee has an app for the building at his disposal on the one hand, and on the other hand physical support on site, for example via a concierge employee. This enables the provision of special services. The result is a high level of satisfaction and thus long-term retention of commercial customers.

Support by digitization

Co-Working, mobility, social networking, digital marketplace, sharing economy, Internet of Things… For the implementation and support of the new work concepts in business parks, commercial projects or campsites, an all-encompassing communication and organizational structure on a digital level is required. With our software we can create a digital ecosystem around your property.

Solutions for

Property Managers

Process optimization through digitization

Nowadays it is important for property managers to create continuous processes from the resident to the central ERP system and back. Transparency towards tenants and owners as well as an efficient and comfortable way to map these processes is essential. The reported complaints flow into your ERP system separately for common and special property as “processes” and are available to the residents with status reports. This way, your residents always have quick access and the highest level of transparency, which they will love.

New trends: services

Process optimization alone will not be enough for you as a progressive manager to meet the demands of developers, tenants and owners. Rather, it is more important to pick up on the new trends: household-related services that expand the classic range of services offered by a property manager are becoming increasingly important. In todays connected world, the property manager is becoming the hub of all services related to real estate: Benefit from already integrated service partners operating throughout Germany, such as the RENZ parcel center or the laundry service of Persil. Simplify communication with residents and enable future-oriented topics such as e-mobility and smart building. Network with your tenants and owners now!

Innovative management

ANIMUS enables you to take the required steps to become a future-oriented property manager. Profit from our software and our partners. Provide your residents with additional added value in the future, in addition to the classic administration – without additional effort, but with additional sources of income. With ANIMUS you can control your processes and services and have everything under control at all times. We look forward to helping you with the digitization of your property management!

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